Customer Service - Customer Experience Research Agency

Customer Service improves customer experience and helps to manage the value of the company product. Customer Service is the representative of TLF in CIS. 

We believe it is essential to improve your own skills to be able to compete; the struggle for the client is the struggle against your own shortcomings. We undertake only those projects where we are sure we will provide a tangible value. 

Our projects allow companies to implement and increase the value of high professionalism, development, creativity, trust and recognition.


You can contact Customer Service in cases of:


• Clients/customers outflow;

• Business expansion with existing clients/ customers through better service;

• Retaining the clients/ customers;

• Involving your staff in your business direction;

• Improving staff performance;

• Request to increase the conversion of contacts to clients/customers.

 Customer Service offers the system of product value management based on holistic approach.