Customer Service develops the system of product value management for organization based on holistic approach.

The system of product value management includes:


  •       Examination of current situation – top-management, employees, clients, understanding the clients expectations from the employees point of view
  •       KPI measurement before project start
  •       Recommendations and road map of modifications
  •       Modification implementation
  •       Modification adoption
  •       Program realization (up to 6 months)
  •       KPI measurement after realization


Employee Satisfaction Measurement


Staff is the main resource of any organization. They ensure the realization of organization business objectives, providing the service or goods to the client.

There is the proverb in the hospitality: “If the shoes of your desk clerk pinches, the guest is unlikely to become satisfied.”  

The task of the employee satisfaction survey is to understand how the employees of your organization are happy.

The recommendations about motivation improvement of staff performance will be given exactly to your organization in the result of the survey.


Customer Satisfaction Measurement


What do your customers need to return to your organization again and again is not written in any book. Every organization is unique. The needs the customers come exactly to your organization are unique.

Customer satisfaction survey is the search of the approach for improving the relationship between your organization and your customers. 


Mirror Survey


It is very useful exercise to see the customers’ needs from the employees’ point of view. It lets to involve the staff into the process of building long-term relations with customers.

The results of such survey show how much “the mirror is curved” for the employees of every department when the staff face the customers’ needs.


Internal training – how to conduct the customer satisfaction survey


Conducting the survey of customer satisfaction by own resources is the actual task for the organization that monitors the quality of services provided. You can contact us to learn how to conduct customer satisfaction survey in accordance with the quality standard ISO 9000: 2000.

The training is useful for the specialists of quality control, marketing, research specialists, top-management.


The training is aimed at:

  • Understanding which resources are needed for independent survey conducting
  • Learning the correct approach to the customer satisfaction estimation
  • Mastering of all the stages of satisfaction survey.