Reference Letter NEST


Dear Natalya!

We commend you personally and your company’s employees for the successful implementation of “Customers Satisfaction Research” project for “Zhilje Comfort Service” company, which belongs to the NEST Group of companies.

"Zhilje Comfort Service” company manages the apartment complex “Seasons” (5 buildings, floor space of 130 177 square meters, 888 apartments, almost 2500 residents). The management of apartment complexes which are not a part of community or state property is quite a new thing for Ukraine. Comparing to traditional housing offices, it raises the level of service standards. Not only the class of apartments in these new complexes is better, but expectations of residents (customers) are also higher. Certainly, it is extremely important for the management company to understand the structure and level of these expectations (needs) to satisfy them.

To conduct the research and analyze the results it is extremely important to select correct research method, this selection should be supplemented with good expertise and high professionalism of the research team which possesses this technique. Market research undertaken lead us to select Customer Service as a research company. Beside the fact the company is a representative of TLF in CIS, we have also got positive recommendations from a number of reputable sociologists of Ukraine.

According to the information we had to the moment the research had been conducted (2013) there had been no researches of this kind in this industry not only in Ukraine but also in other countries of ex-USSR.

The research has been conducted professionally, we have developed positive relationships with Customer Service representatives.

The results we obtained confirmed assumptions about satisfaction and dissatisfaction zones for customers. What is important – these expectations and customers satisfaction had been measured. This will let us evaluate the quality of “Zhilje Comfort Service” quality of performance in the dynamics.

We gladly recommend Customer Service company as a reliable and professional partner which guarantees high level of research quality in accordance with standards established in the developed countries.


Yours faithfully,
Member of the Supervisory Board
Head of Personnel
Igor Marnenko


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