Reference Letter 4B


Our company4B would like to thank Natalya Totskaya and employees of the Customer Service for carrying out the study “Customer Satisfaction Research”. Customer Service is the representative of TLF in CIS, it improves customer experience and helps manage the value of the company product.


4B company specializes in international consulting, selection, registration and service of foreign companies, opening accounts in foreign banks. Our main principle is a complex approach to service, expertise and maximum satisfaction of customers’ needs.  Our values are CUSTOMERS (loyal, satisfied, our friends), TEAM (united, developing, hardworking, motivated), and TIME (the invaluable resource we always allocate correctly).


All the goals and tasks set had been fulfilled very professionally. Each problem we contacted the Customer Service with had been studied in detail; then it had been systematically elaborated and subsequent conclusions were made and recommendations were given. This research is extremely important for our company that is why we had been deciding very thoroughly on an organization to help us with this research.


We have a deep respect to Natalya and theCustomer Service and recommend involving the company to make such a high-quality research. 


Yours faithfully,

Director of 4B

Vladimir Bezditnyj


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